From Fitness Goddess to Complete Female Empowerment

ANNOUNCEMENT - The Empowerment Program (formerly Fitness Goddess Program) is launching is September 2019.

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Out with the old…

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The Fitness Goddess Program was for women who wanted to workout from home, focusing mainly on workouts. But we now know that women want more…. So enter The Empowerment Program…


And in with the new…

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The Empowerment Program will allow women to come together and be educated on:

  • Nutrition for the busy mum

  • Personalised workout sessions and how to make them work with your busy life

  • Setting success goals that are personalised

  • Psychology for women

  • How to put themselves first to be a great role model for their families

The Program will run for 8 weeks, and at the end each women will receive a hair and makeup session and photoshoot to capture their progress.


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