A Social Media Reality Check

Social Media Reality Check

I have spoken in the past about “time” being an excuse for not training and that it is not about time but about priorities!

Some of you geeks out there might be aware of Apples latest IOS update.

It has a really cool feature which i want everyone to jump on for a week and really see how much time they spend on social media.

Download the latest version of IOS on to your iPhone. Then do the following.

1. Click settings
2. Scroll down to Screen Time (select it)
3. Turn it on
4. Press Continue
5. Press This is MY Phone

You can also set Downtime for your phone so you can’t use certain apps at certain time.

Use it for a week and see how much time you spend each day and the week on your phone. It will surprise you and show you how much time you really do waste on social media.

Remember the more aware we are the more we can change!

Be Consistent

I’m Scott Flint, see you next time!!

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