3 Stretches to Help Improve Your Squat

3 Stretches to help improve your squat.

Today i want to got through 3 stretches that will help improve your squat.

For many people flexibility is the biggest limiting factor when it comes to squatting.

Poor flexibility can be due to a few different reasons.

Physiological (you are naturally tight). Some people just have naturally tight muscles and need to spend more time working on their flexibility. If you hate stretching then you probably fall into this category.

Postural issue (you sit at a desk all day), as mentioned in previous videos spending hours on end in a seated position is going to cause your muscles to shorten and become weak, over time this can change your whole posture.

Injury, most people have had some form of soft tissue injury at some stage in their life. The thing about injuries are that just because there is no pain it does not mean the injury is fixed. Scar tissue can build up and restrict the movement which can cause issues down the track.

If flexibility is the issue then regardless of what is limiting you flexibility the solution is pretty much the same. Doing specific mobility and flexibility work.

Squatting is pretty much the king of exercises, it incorporates the whole body and is know as a functional exercise as it is one of our primal movement patterns which we have been doing since the dawn of time.

My top 3 stretches to help improve your squat are:

1) Ankle mobility/calf stretch
2) Glute Stretch
3) Groin Stretch

Test and measure. When doing these stretches make sure you test to see if you are getting an improvement after each stretch. Do the ankle mobility then try doing the squat and see what improvement there is. Doing this does a couple of things, firstly it re-enforces good movement and positioning but it also shows you where you can get the most benefit. If increasing your ankle mobility gives you the most improvement then you can focus your time on this particular stretch.

If you are doing these stretches prior to squatting then i would suggest only holding the stretches for about 60secs.

After you have finished training or if you are going to do a specific stretching session then spend 2-3mins on each stretch. Use your breathing to help take the stretch further.

If you are really serious about improving your squat then do these stretches daily also incorporate foam roller work into your routine.

Be Consistent 

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