How Fit Do You Need To Be?

How Fit Do You Need To Be?

Today i want to ask the question, how fit is fit enough.

We spend hours every week sweating it out at the gym, trying to push harder every session. To what end? Why do it?

Is it to increase your fitness? Ok, what does that mean?

Now i get it if you have specific “fitness” goal like say Tough Mudder or running a race. Yes the faster you are the faster your time is going to be.

Most people that come into the gym say they want to lose weight and get fitter. I get their are health benefits to being fitter but how fit is that? If you are too fit it is going to be detrimental to your health as you have to keep pushing harder to get better.

The ironic thing is the fitter you are the harder you have to work to increase your fitness.

Now i am not saying we should all stop but what i am saying is we need to think about why we are sweating it all out at the gym. If it is weight loss which is probably what most people will say, being fitter is not going to make much difference. Eating better and being active is. There are plenty of overweight fit people!

To wrap things up, know why you are increasing your fitness, listen to your body sometime pushing harder is not actually going to be beneficial. Train the right way for what your goal is.

Be Consistent

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