Testing vs Training

Testing and training 

Today i want to talk to you about the difference between testing and training.

Why do i want to talk about this? Well i think way to many people treat their training sessions as a test.

The moment we put “for time” on a session it becomes a test. We naturally want to push harder and get a “good time”. The problem with testing all the time however, is that we start to burn out and get injured.

I played rugby for about 20 years relatively injury free. If i use rugby as an example we would spend the week training for the weekend when we would have our test, being the game.

If we played a full 80mins everyday as our training session it would have destroyed us.

As you get closer to the pointy end of the competition and make the finals your training actually reduces as it is about being ready for the grand final rather than smashing yourself at training. The Grand final (test) is when you can really let loose.

It is really important to test and track how we are going but not all of the time. Every 4-8 weeks is sufficient depending on fitness levels etc.

Start thinking about your sessions. Are you doing testers everyday or are you training?

The better you understand what the purpose of the session is the better you will be able to approach the workout.

Be Consistent 👊

Scott Flint

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