Stop reacting

Are you proactive or reactive? 🤔🤔🤔

Today i want to talk about being proactive, over reactive. 👊👊👊

So many people rush through their day being reactive. Whether that is constantly checking and replying to emails or it is jumping on the next weight loss diet because you have put on a few kgs. 
I think this is one of the main reasons everyone is so stressed at the moment. Having to react to every single thing IS stressful

The more proactive we can be in life the better. 
I am not saying you need to plan out every single thing in life, but having an idea of where you are going and what you should do to get there will make a big difference. 
Living life with a purpose and not reacting to every single thing will make things easier.

I see it a lot in the fitness industry, people jumping on different training programs or diets when all they need to do is be consistent with their food and exercise and be patient, and they will achieve what it is they are after.

Start being more proactive with the important things in life.

Be consistent