Focus on What You Can Do

Focus on what you can do not on what you can’t! 

A few weeks ago I watched a show on SBS called Insight, it was about people who’s lives had changed due to a catastrophic injury. 

Every single person on the show had an amazing story to share about their accident and how it had changed their lives. It was so inspiring.

The main thing i got out of it though was that there was a pretty consistent theme that all of them focus on what they can do and not what they can’t do. 

I think as we get older we put way too much focus on what we don’t or can’t have and what we can’t do. Rather than focusing on what we have and can do.

A few years ago I went to Rwanda and volunteered in an orphanage there. The kids ages ranged from little toddlers through to early teens. 

The thing that got me was how calm and well behaved these kids were. They would get one main meal a day. They would all sit down in their classroom and the older kids would go and get the younger kids food for them. If the older kids had food left over they would share it with someone else. It was pretty cool.

When i got there all these kids had to play with was a soccer ball and some dodgy wooden goal posts. They never asked for anything else as long as they had their soccer ball they were happy.

Coming back to Australia it just struck me everyone complains about what they can’t have and that they are too old or tired to exercise or look after themselves. 

We need to flip our thinking and start appreciating what we have and what we can do. Yes you might not be able to run a marathon but you can go for a walk along the beach.

Stop focusing on what you can’t do and start focusing on what you can

Be Consistent