I don't have time to exercise

I don’t have time!! 

Faaarrrkkk this expression does my head in! 

You have time to go out every weekend, you have time to go out for dinner 3-4 times a week, you have time to scroll through facebook endlessly.

Saying you have no time falls under the category of poor self talk.

Let’s do the maths!
We have 168 hours in a week.
Assuming you sleep for 7 hours a night, that is 49 hours a week you spend asleep
That leaves 119 hours left over

Now lets assume you work a 70 hour week as you are the busiest person in the world!!

That still leaves you 49 hours of free time.

That is 7 hours a day to do what you want!!

Even if you factor in an hour for breakfast lunch and dinner and then 2 hours to get to work and back that still leaves you with 2 hours a day to focus on you!!!!

Now the main issues here isn’t lack of time we all have the same amount of time it is how you prioritise your time and how much you want it!

Imagine you are stuck at work about to nail another big deal and suddenly you get a phone call that your child or a loved has been rushed to hospital.

You would drop everything. One minute, work is the most important thing in the world. But in a split second, your number one priority becomes your child.

Extreme I know but still relevant.

I am not saying going to the gym should be your number one priority but your health (both mental and physical) should be at the least the top 3!

Stop complaining about how much time you don’t have and start prioritising what is important and embrace it!

Stop focusing on the excuses and start focusing on solutions

Be consistent